Valuation of all types of property in Latgale and Vidzeme

We're ready to help at any time (also on weekends)
Zemnieku Street 5, Rezekne, Latvia

We evaluate all kind of property for various purposes

Help for insolvency proceedings administrators and jury bailiffs
Investments and losses subject to compensation
in accordance with civil law
In cases of alienation and disagreement
We perform property assessment to assess authorized capital with Latvian Enterprise Register
Material investment in the authorized capital
We'll quickly perform an evaluation of an object within the deadlines
Purchase/sale transactions
We're evaluating the company's assets for accounting
Financial accounting
We're carrying out an assessment quickly and are cooperating with credit institutions
Credit and lease guarantees
Main business asset — experienced team

Why do customers continue to choose our services?

We are following regional trends in real estate as we work mostly in Latgale and Vidzeme


Latvija karte
We notice the agreed terms
and adapting to your needs.
We work on holiday if necessary


Dzieti. Izbraukums
We take pride in our long-term cooperation with national and local government authorities, economic operators, private individuals, bailiffs and insolvency administrators


Average working experience of our property assessor - 12 years.
We regularly raise qualifications in courses, seminars and conferences organised by the Latvian Association of Property Evaluators


We evaluating property according to European and international standards (in Latvia - LVS 401: 2013). Our quality statement – LAVA (Latvian Association of Property Appraisers ) certificate of competency


Sadarbība. Dzieti
We have valued more than 10,000 properties in 20 years
Dzieti: Juris Guntis Vjakse
We started our activities in 2000, Rezekne, and over the years we have worked with customers throughout Latvia.

Now we're back to our roots. By combining over 20 years of experience, modern technology and extensive knowledge of the regions, we provide mobile and quality services to customers and partners in an environment that we have not only understood but also examined in detail: Latgale and Vidzeme.

We work with both individuals and merchants and with national and local authorities and admissions.

We also provide services to sworn bailiffs and insolvency practitioners.

We're doing our job successfully thanks to a professional team of experienced employees and partners. We also share our skills with young specialists whose energy and willingness to learn give confidence in the development and succession of the company and industry.

We also wish the same to our partners and customers!
Juris Guntis Vjakse
Owner and Chairman of the Board of LTD “DZIETI”
Latgales meži
E-mail address:
+371 29421087,
+371 26128923
Phone number:
Legal address:
Zemnieku Street 5, Latvia,
Rezekne, LV-4601
PVN reg. number: LV42403010964
Account number: LV33UNLA0055000463359
Bank: SEB bank
Actual address:
Zemnieku Street 5, Latvia,
Rezekne, LV-4601


Valuation of all kinds of properties in Vidzeme and Latgale
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